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Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice for president.  Or my second.  In fact, the only reason I voted for him was because I simply refused to accept Elitist Hillary Clinton as my queen.  Like all men, Mr. Trump is flawed, but I’m starting to like him.  I like the way he isn’t a political insider, he isn’t taking a salary, and he says what he thinks, come what may.

So last week when news broke about him calling some countries “s**t-holes” my heart sank.  “Please,” I silently prayed, “don’t let him have put it in a tweet.”  Turns out he didn’t.  He said it in a private (and probably pretty heated) discussion with our “representatives” about our messed up immigration policies. 

Of course the Elitists in Washington, Hollywood and the media went ballistic.  Never mind that Robert De Niro had just publicly f-bombed Trump - repeatedly.  It’s okay when THEY do it.  And that’s what I dislike about them - their hypocrisy.

Let’s just look at one of the allegedly “s***hole” countries – Haiti.  Our Washington elites visit Haiti (in their private jets) and their hearts break over the conditions there.  Our Hollywood elites might even document the suffering on film – the disease, hunger, over-population and corruption.  They’ll edit it down and distribute it.

When it comes out, Hollywood’s collective mass will weep huge tears and proceed to give the filmmakers awards.  Okay so far.  But then Mr. and Ms. American Public go to see that film and, as they’re walking out of the theatre, they might comment that Haiti sure is a “s**t-hole country.

And the Elitists go ballistic again.  How dare those deplorables condemn Haiti as a “s**t-hole”!  But didn’t they just spend a whole lot of time and money creating a piece of “art” designed to show us exactly that?  Again, it’s okay when THEY say it.

Elitists seldom do any real work to make life in “s**t-hole” countries more tolerable.  (That’s for church mission groups to handle!)  They just go back to their mansions in their exclusive, gated communities because it’s okay for THEM to build a wall to keep out the riff-raff.  It’s just not okay to protect ordinary citizens from a wholesale invasion of crime and poverty.

So what’s the solution for the “s**t-hole” countries?  Well it isn’t for corrupt rulers to keep taking everything while exporting their excess population to the USA.  Giving them money won’t help, either, because the rulers always find a way to keep most of it.  The citizens of those countries need to stay where they are and fight to make things better. 

Not surprisingly, our Elitists love to import poverty.  (Poor people are SO much easier to control.)  Secretly, they’d love to be like the rulers of those “s**t-hole” countries and be able to rob us all blind without any pesky Constitutional rights getting in the way.  And none of them, from Washington to Hollywood, wants to be anywhere near a Haitian refugee, unless he’s busing their tables.

Over the holidays I went to visit some dear friends who not only don’t have the TV on all the time, they don’t even OWN a TV.  It’s so peaceful to be without the constant screeching of that idiot box.  I can focus, come up with new ideas and refine existing ones.  Every time I come away from there I’m determined to end my dependence on TV.  And for a few days, I do.

But gradually I begin to stray.  It starts with watching a single program or checking the weather on the news.  Before I know it I’m inert in front of the set, binge-watching Forensic Files or Futurama.  I tell myself I’ll stop after the episode is over, but the TV programmers have figured out that dodge.  They don’t let you wander off during the break, but start up the next program while the credits of the first one are still running.

A lot of people who have the TV on all the time aren’t really watching it.  They say they just like the background noise. My treasured stepmother is one of these.  She has a TV in each room of her house playing CNN non-stop.  (Now tell me THAT’S not depressing!)  She says it’s comforting to have voices in the house.  She doesn’t really hear them, but I do.

My problem is that I can’t NOT hear that TV.  If the thing is on, I’m attending to it and find it difficult to concentrate on anything else.  I can’t keep up my end of the conversation or even work on a project.  But when I ask people if they’d mind turning off the TV while we work or talk, they look at me like I’d just asked them to strip naked and sing the Star-Spangled Banner while hopping on one foot.

Most of the week, I’m working and my attention is focused on my clients and the ever-increasing mounds of paperwork the government demands.  So it’s only on weekends or holidays that I succumb to the siren song of televised entertainment.  Saturday I was thus hunkered down in front of the set when an awful wave of depression ran through me.  This was no way to spend my precious free time!

Instead I turned off the TV and made up a list of things I really needed to get done.  Then I started on the list.  Instead of being depressed, I felt good that I was accomplishing something.  And accomplish I did.  Projects that I had been sitting in piles, shaming me for months were suddenly gone, finished.  My mood was definitely better.

I always tell my clients that watching TV all day is a sure way to get and stay depressed.  You aren’t moving and you aren’t engaged in anything productive.  So when watching TV seems more enjoyable than pursuing your real life, it’s time to turn off that boob tube and get to work making your actual life really great.

Like all old coots, I have deep concerns about the up-and-coming generation.  I worry that, by spending the bulk of their days pushing buttons and watching “content” on a screen, they’ve become so disconnected from reality that they can’t function in the natural world.  To them, all knowledge is instantly accessible, so there is no reason to actually learn how to do anything. 

The bulk of them have no idea how to build, repair or maintain any of the hundreds of machines they take for granted.  Ask for a show of hands in a high school classroom and how many would know how to change a tire?  Or how to change the oil?  How many would even know that you HAVE to change the oil?

How many know where all the food they eat comes from?  Most of them couldn’t execute an acceptable grilled cheese sandwich without a quick check on You Tube.  How many could get a fire started without matches and then keep it going long enough to cook that sandwich?

How many could fix a leaky pipe?  More importantly, how many know how to turn the water off at the main before they start trying to fix that leaky pipe?  At the office building where I work, I’m the only one of five women who knows how the flapper assembly works in the toilet tank or how to release the stopper plug in the sink so you can fish out all the hair. 

I’m also the only one who isn’t terrified (to the point of hysteria) by bugs and rodents.  These young, strapping women, who would take on a man in a fist fight, dissolve into shrieking, quivering wretches at the mere sight of a mouse weighing no more than five ounces.  Can you imagine how they’d respond if they had to field-dress a deer?  

Heck, I can’t even get them to let me SHOW them how to get out the hair that’s clogging up the sink.  And it’s THEIR hair!  I’m totally bald, remember?  Their solution is to call in a plumber and so I guess they deserve being overcharged.  (Maybe I should start charging them?)

So why does any of this matter?  Well, I have a theory that the further you stray from the fundamentals of existence, the more dependent and depressed you become.  I truly believe that what ails our young people more than anything is that they don’t do enough real work, with real things.  It’s the kind of activity that builds character!

For example, before he became a king, David was sent out to watch the sheep.  I image him being a mouthy little brat who was then just learning to play the lute.  I’ll bet no one missed him much while he was out in the fields.  But that’s where he learned to spy out the land, be vigilant and bring down wild animals with nothing but a sling.  How many kids today could do that?